Asphalt Maintenance

The service life of an asphalt surface can be extended significantly through proper maintenance.

At G&C asphalt, we provide maintenance services to address functional and aesthetic problems. Our services include:

Slurry Seals

Slurry seal is a mixture of water and emulsified asphalt used to fill surface cracks. It can also be used as full surface treatment to rejuvenate moderately worn roads.

Crack Filling

We have materials to cover varying degrees of surface cracking, ranging from minor, hairline cracks, to major rutting and raveling.

Asphalt Overlays

Asphalt overlays rejuvenate the surface of distressed roads, reducing the need for complete replacement or reconstruction.

Chip Seals

Chip seals use layers of aggregate and binder to create a new surface on distressed pavement. We can vary the number of layers or type of aggregate to create a surface that adheres perfectly to the existing road and can accommodate traffic and climate.


We use cold mix asphalt to match large cracks, potholes, and other surface distress.

We can provide maintenance services on an individual basis, or we can design a proactive maintenance plan for you, allowing us to mitigate concerns before a serious road maintenance issue emerges. Maintenance plans extend over several years, and save our clients money over the long term.

To set up a maintenance plan, or for more information on our maintenance services, please contact us.