Aggregate Supply

G&C Asphalt supplies and delivers aggregate for construction and landscaping purposes.

We know a lot about aggregate, and can recommend the ideal size, shape, and rock type for almost any project.

Below are some of our most popular varieties of aggregate.

Type 33 Base Gravel

Type 33 Base Gravel

Typically used for parking lot or road structure gravel, ideal under asphalt and concrete structures.

Sub-Base Gravel

Type 8 Sub-Base Gravel

Typically used as sub structure under base gravel.

Type 106 Traffic Gravel

Type 106 Traffic Gravel

Typically used in rural road gravelling.

10mm Sandfill Aggregate

10mm Sandfill

Typically used as fill material under sub base and base structures.

19mm Redi-Mix Rock

19mm Redi-Mix Rock

Typically used for Concrete production – ideal for spec mix products.

16mm Asphalt Aggregate Rock

16mm Asphalt Aggregate Rock

Typically used for Asphalt production – ideal for spec mix products.

13-44mm Ballast Rock

Ballast Rock

Typically used in rail site construction.

Type 2 Micro Seal Aggregate

Micro Seal Aggregate (Type 2 and 3)

Typically used in chip seal application, can also be used as gravel parking lot top lift for better compaction.

35-75mm Decorative Rock

Decorative Rock

Multiple sizes, used in yard and site landscaping.

Weeping Tile Rock

Weeping Tile Rock

Typically used in commercial construction where moisture dissipation is necessary.

Winter Road Sand

Winter Road Sand

Used in icy conditions as a deterrent to slippery roads.

Specialty Products

G&C is able to provide any and all different aggregates to any provided specifications. Please contact our aggregates sales division for further information.

For a complete listing of our available aggregates, or to place and order, please contact us. If you’re unsure of what type of aggregate you need, give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process.