Aboriginal Partnerships

G&C Asphalt has been a leader in promoting the involvement of local First Nations in the Road Building and Heavy Construction industry.

Whether it's working with the local bands to fill job opportunities, or working on-reserve doing job training, we continue to be a big supporter.

We not only work with the local bands around North Battleford such as Red Pheasant and Little Pine, but we also work with Onion Lake, Thunderchild and Flying Dust.

Some examples of on-reserve projects that we have had an opportunity to work on include:

  • Running Tracks for Summer Games
  • Baseball Diamonds
  • Walking Trails
  • Basketball Courts
  • Go-Kart Track (White Rock Gas Bar)

We also work closely with the Battlefords Industrial Career Centre/Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology, which is an organization that matches First Nations with local employers. As a board member, we have an opportunity to work with the leaders of industry in our market.