Dust Control

At G&C Asphalt, we provide dust control services for unpaved roads and industrial sites.

We provide both water-based and oil-based dust control. We consult with our customers to determine the best solution for their area, and apply dust control accordingly.

Water-Based Dust Control

We bring in water trucks as a short-term solution to dust issues on roads and work sites. Water is sprayed over the surface to dampen and suppress dust, improving visibility and stability significantly.

Benefits of water-based dust control include:

  • Capture of airborne dust particles
  • Dust prevention
  • Environmentally friendly

Oil-Based Dust Control

We can provide dust control by spraying an oil-based liquid on the road and following with a grader to mix the spray in with the road gravel.

Benefits of oil-based dust control include:

  • Long-term dust suppression
  • Dust prevention
  • Low cost

For more information on our dust control solutions, please contact us.